About us

Synapticdots Solutions Private Limited is a startup but we have a great deal of experience with enterprises creating enterprise-quality Cloud, Mobile, Telecom and Digital Marketing Applications along with managed services. We are located in Chennai.

Synapticdots works closely with small and medium businesses in devising Business and Technology Strategies to grow their businesses.

Our Vision

Synapticdots Solutions will be the most admired company in the world.

We will strive to achieve this through

  • Innovation in Technology

  • Creating Healthy and Wealthy Employees

  • Challenging us through technology for transforming lives of People

Our Mission

Keep innovation in our heart on every effort on every business activities as a key mission-moto for excellence

  • We offer Marketing Services and Cloud Applications for meeting your challenges from Strategies, Social Campaigns, Lead Management and Sales conversion.

  • We offer cloud-enabled technical solutions to speed up your implementation process and address other challenges in your Business.

  • We deliver Applications with enterprise-quality IT Solutions on a reliable, scalable, secure, access-controlled, backed up, elastic, pay per usage in highly performing cloud infrastructure.

  • We have offered services for Brand Promotion and Customer Acquisition through Digital Marketing services

  • We have built various applications for Collaborative websites, Shopping carts, Project management tools, Training tools, Finance tools and Mobile applications.

With these experience, we are now offering Business Strategies and Consulting Services for businesses to grow their business.

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Evaluate our Strategies and Services to grow your business and see if they meet your requirements.

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Call us or leave a WhatsApp message on the number given in the form. One of us will interact with you and respond to your queries quickly.