Shopping Cart & Landing Carts with Social Promotions

Make a Jumpstart with our eCommerce Strategies and consulting services.

Migrate your Websites to an e-commerce platform so your visiting customers can complete the sale directly from your website

Our Strategies and consulting services for eCommerce will help your team to establish your shopping cart and expand your sales.

Convert the existing website into a shopping cart for

  • Sale Conversion

  • Customer Management

  • Better Look and Feel

  • Easy Navigation

Promotion of the Products Online

eCommerce Features

  • Operational Management on e-commerce

    • Site Management

    • Products Images, Product contents, Brochures etc

    • Backup, Recovery, Update

  • Cloud-based Scalable Website.

  • Domain Management

  • Content Management System & Themes

  • Catalogue Management for Product Creations

  • Inventory Management

  • Order Management, Invoicing

  • Price Management, Coupons, Discounts

  • Locale (Multiple Language)

  • Payment Gateways

  • Shipping & SMS & Order Tracking

  • Customer Management

  • Any Other Enhancement and Customization

  • Integration with Third-party system

    • Payment Gateways

    • Integration for SMS

    • Social Collaboration

    • Integration with FB Pages

    • Integration with FB Analytics

    • Integration with FB Shop

    • Hosting with AWS/Google Cloud

    • Domain with AWS

    • Google Analytics

    • Dropshipping

& several features, themes, and integration of your internal systems

Integrated Tools and Processes

Have you addressed the following in establishing your online presence and running a campaign?

  • How well your team organise themselves and ensure all stakeholders are in sync?

  • Have your internal IT tools in sync with the new contents generated from the shopping cart and the campaigns?

  • Are the customers generated integrated into your CRM or your spreadsheet?

  • Retargetting with email Campaigns or Customer interests specific campaigns?

When selecting the right set of tools, take note of the type of product you’re tackling, the amount of time you have to customize for your need and who you’ll be collaborating with.

Synchronization of each new data collected from various third-party tools with your existing internal tools is a challenge

Effective management of content is needed for public visibility, internal consumption, integration with internal tools/apps and the action to be taken by your team on every trigger.

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